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    New escape room ALICE IN WONDERLAND
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    We are a creative team providing
    original and unique real life room escape games.
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    We design room schemes for all ages.
    All children 10+ are welcome to play.

What is a real life room escape game?

EscapeGame is an inventive and interactive real life logical game where a team is trying to escape the room within a 60 minutes timeframe by revealing and unlocking series of mystery codes and solving a number of puzzles and riddles. The uniqueness of the game is that players are actually, physically in the room. They are using real objects and working within a real team. The best part is that they feel as if they were actually inside of the story.

What do I need to know?

Nothing special! All parts of the game are language independent. Besides basic knowledge of English necessary for understanding the instructions given before the game and knowledge of basic mathematical operations, the puzzles do not require any special knowledge or skills in order to be solved. The only thing that is necessary is to use intuitive logic and deductive reasoning.
Please do not spoil the fun to other players by giving away answers and explanations. That's just not cool!

The Best choice for Teambuilding

Work closely with other players. Teamwork and good communication are essential for success in the game. Several brains are definitely better than one. Also, comfortable clothes and shoes can help you sharpen your mind and release your inner detective.

Time management skills are essential

Time given for solving all the puzzles may seem short. So, if you fail to get out in 60 minutes, there's no need to feel bad. Mysteries are quite challenging. We can help-feel free to ask for hints. The idea is not to get a headache, but to enjoy yourself and have fun.

Who can play?

Everyone. The game is for young couples, group of friends, family afternoon, students’ get-together, kids’ birthdays, parents’ birthdays and basically all those who enjoy mystery novels and good detective stories.

Big thanks to all players who played with us and hopefuly enjoyed the adventure.
We are extremely proud of these passionate superheroes.

- EscapeGame Belgrade -

Wall of Fame

We love you guys! You amazing Escapers!

    Mystery Room

    / Best time record holders

    What a team and what a team spirit. Congratulations!

    Laboratory Room

    / Best time record holders

    Bravo! You rock team!

    Enigma Room

    / Best time record holders

    Fantastic Team work!

    Mystery Room

    / The Younglings

    The youngest players...we see a great path ahead of you...

Escape Entertainment
Laser Tag

LaserGame - active team fun with high tech equipment.

Team Building

Puzzle Challenge - building the team spirit. Improving communication.


Team Challenge - funtastic games competition for kids 9+.


Escape Rooms are located at Kralja Milana 6, Belgrade city center.


    Alice in Wonderland

    Follow in Alice’s footsteps by growing to the size of a giant, attending a mad tea party and exploring the palace grounds. The Queen of Hearts has littered the land with tricky puzzles that you will need to solve, and the White Rabbit is keeping a very close eye on time! You have 60 minutes to escape Wonderland, otherwise the Queen will set the Jabberwocky on you!



    New room! Opened in August 2018. One hour, one mission, one way to escape! Ancient orient setting where you need to unravel a series of mystery codes and clues in order to succeed in escaping together with your teammates. In order to accomplish the ultimate goal, you will need one power and two weapons. The power of team work and the deadliest weapon of all-your brain! Also, unleashing your inner detective might be helpful too


    /Secret project/ Mad scientist

    A completely new concept of mind challenge in which you will be locked in a room…or rooms…filled with clues you need to resolve and put in order to find all solutions to all the puzzles that surround you. A mad scientist lab is a place you need to investigate thoroughly so that you can discover what was the top secret project he was working on and of course, you have only 60 minutes to accomplish that!


    /Decipher/ Spy challenge

    Allied Headquarters, 1941. intercepted a German message, but even with the best efforts of Allied cryptographers, failed to decrypt it. It is assumed that it contains the key information for winning the war. The location of one Enigma machine has been discovered and the message can be decrypted with it Your team of spies has a task to infiltrate the Nazi headquarters, find the machine and detect the message content - within 60 minutes since that’s the time you have left until the change of the guards.

  • Escape Room SPACE is located at Španskih boraca 2 street in New Belgrade


    /Rescue mission/ NEW 2016

    Good day. This is your on-board computer speaking. A week ago, radiation from an alien source disabled all the technology on Earth, constantly causing failures on electrical devices. It's source was located on Asteroid 224. Your mission is to fly to asteroid, discover the source and disable it. Hurry. The destiny of human civilization is in your hands. Good luck.


  • Please visit the toilet before the game. And don’t come hungry.
  • We are not kidding when we tell you that you will be locked inside a room for 60 minutes and you probably wouldn’t want trivial things to bother you.
  • Plan to go for a drink after the game. You will need it for experience sharing…and laughing.
  • Control your time! It will seem like you have all the time in the world for the first 30 minutes. Then things become chaotic!
  • How to play?

    In case you have any questions about the EscapeGame, please take a look at the topics below and let us know if you haven't found your answer!

    Who can play? Is there an age limit?

    The minimum age is 10 years if coming with parents or 16 in case no adults are around. The main reason for this limit is the complexity of the game. It’s also good to know that expecting women have enjoyed EscapeGame many times before – no scary stuff or physical exercise is expected during the game.

    What do I need to know?

    To be successful in EscapeGame all you need is to have at least one team member who has basic understanding of mathematics and also some basic English language skills. No special skills or knowledge is required to play the game.

    What if I don’t know what to do?

    Nothing to be worried about. You are not left alone. Game master will give you directions and helpful hints. We will be watching you and if you want, we will provide help in solving puzzles.

    What is the size of the rooms?

    Regarding the size of the rooms - we’d like to keep the mystery around it, but none of them are too tiny or too big (imagine around 25 square meters with minimal furniture). Claustrophobic people have been playing without a problem – but certainly we can instantly help, should any kind of emergency arise.

    What about number of players?

    A team can consist of 2 – 5 players. Our recommendation is to come and play with a group of friends. It is easier to communicate with people you know than with total strangers, but above all, it’s better to laugh with friends afterwards remembering each solution that came into your mind…especially the wrong ones

    What if i need to leave the room before the end of the game?

    Not a problem. If you have to leave the room for any reason, Game master will open a door for you.


    Team Building - Corporate Entertainment - Team Development - Corporate Family Fun Day

    We can deliver a memorable experience filled with fun and excitement. These are some of our clients:


    How to find us

    Rooms Alice, Japan, Laboratory and Enigma are located in the heart of Belgrade, just a few steps away from Knez Mihailova, in Kralja Milana 6 street. Space room is located in Novi Beograd (New Belgrade) in Španskih boraca street No. 2  


    Business Hours

    • Monday-Friday: 10am to 9pm
    • Saturday-Sunday 9am to 11pm


    Please use one of the following maps for directions:

    Booking and Price

    Please use this form to let us know what would be the best time and date for your game and we will contact you as soon as possible with information regarding available slots.

    • The price is 4000 rsd for the whole team.